Advice On Finding Diamond Jewelry

Whether you want to buy bulk diamonds for diamond jewellery or as an investment, you need to educate yourself in advance and get a full understanding of certified diamonds. Not every jewel inlaid in diamond jewelry is valuable, so knowing what to look for is important.

Before you start

Before you start looking for a diamond to sell, there are two things to know: 求婚戒指

1.) Status of the diamond market

2.) The names of some trusted independent appraisers

The second point is very important. If you want to buy diamonds for diamond jewelry – even diamond engagement rings or other inlaid items – if the seller recommends you use your own internal assessment services or services operated by “acquaintances”, then at best it is a clear conflict of interest – Worse, he will deceive you.

Don’t take the chance when buying diamond jewelry. Go out and find your own reputable appraiser. Since the diamond market is very concentrated and controlled by relatively few entities, you must do some homework to find an independent assessor.

What does “certified diamond” mean?

If diamonds are “certified”, it means they have been evaluated in a professional gemological laboratory. There, gemmologists evaluate loose gems based on:

– clarity



These are objective, measurable characteristics that determine the level of a diamond – but not necessarily its monetary value. However, this proof is useful for the appraiser to determine the final value. Certified diamonds are graded and ready for evaluation.


For individual diamonds that have not been placed in a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewellery, the appraiser uses the grade given by the gemologist and then takes into account features that are not easily quantifiable, such as cuts and fires (sparks and brilliance). ). The type of cut may affect the value, especially in the case of current popular cuts. “Princess Cut” is quite popular in diamond engagement rings, and the square “emerald cut” may be more suitable for cufflinks and other men’s jewelry.


Buying diamonds alone may not be a good investment, but diamond jewelry can certainly be based on overall quality. Whether it’s diamond engagement rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets, earrings or even headwear, it’s best to evaluate and qualify your diamond jewelry, even for insurance purposes.

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