Who is Isaac Haxton? A Poker Player


Isaac Haxton is known among the very best poker trainers and is an instructor for poker practice site Poker Savvy Plus. In this article we’ll look at the achievements of Haxton and why he could be considered one of the greatest coaches in the world. His family were gifted and so was Haxton, who achieved amazing grades. At a young age he learned how to play chess, however his interest changed into the game Magic: The Gathering, which most of the new creation of online poker players possess a backdrop in. Lots of the friends were also making the transition from Magic to poker and Haxton was fascinated with just how successful they were. Haxton Chose to play with in the Turning Stone casino in New York and started by playing with $ 3 /$6 Limit Hold’em. Following a taste of poker Haxton wanted to go on it seriously after realising the amount of money he could earn by playing, so he read a wide variety of poker novels along with strategy articles inside the hope of being a better player.

He’d play in home matches hosted by school buddies, also during university holidays he’d come home and visit the Turning Stone  dominobet to play poker. Even though he had a few successful sessions came off as a success, Haxton had to come back to university but he established a online poker account in Ultimate Bet where he retreated $50. Beginning at the $0.25/$0.50 Limit HoldCeltics bets he would grind at the online tables if he was not in lectures. When his freshman year has been finished he chose to play with as far as he would on the summer to see if he had what he needed to play full-time, and he did. Within 3 months that he transferred out of the 3 /$6 Limit HoldCeltics matches to the $30/$60 Limit games and had won $40,000.

After having so much success Haxton made a decision to take a year from university to play poker full time, and was amazed his parents encouraged his decision. After loving success playing with online and moving up to the high stakes matches, Haxton decided to enter a live poker tournament, and what an impact he made! All players who indulged from the event were paid by PokerStars by using their PokerStars player account. Haxton then cashed $800,000 of his winnings out to his Neteller account with the intent of moving the capital to his bank account. No matter how the Neteller founders were arrested and about $55 million of capital were captured. All Haxton can do was wait and hope he’d receive his $800k, also he lasted travelling the tournament circuit becoming a famous face because the guy using $800k stuck in Neteller. The story made all the news headlines and the forums were merged, starting Haxton in to the spotlight.

His capital were published only in time for its 2007 WSOP and he lacked three occasions, for nearly $200k. Back in 2008 he left five cashes, however it had been the 2009 WSOP at which he would earn the biggest score of his livelihood. He finished 2nd at the unique 40th Anniversary NLHE $40k purchase event, winning a staggering $1,168,565. He went on to produce two more cashes, only being a last table at which he finished 8th in the $10k Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship event.

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